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    Welcome to Prime Medical Billing, if you are in need of a skilled medical billing company, you have found the right place. PMB is a solution-oriented company, specializing in a variety of services: 


* Billing & Claims Management

* Paid 2 Member Collection Services

* Accrued AR Services

* Documentation Training

* Utilization Management

* Licensing, Credentialing and Accreditation

* Insurance Contracting

* In-House Revenue Management Solutions

Let us work on your claims 90 days or older at no additional cost to you

National Statistics show that electronic claims turnaround should be no longer than 30 days. If a practice has not received payment on an electronic claim that’s 30 days or less, 95% of the time there is an error on the claim. Here at PMB we will take charge of our new clients dealing with claims that are 90 days or older at no additional cost which helps to avoid outstanding receivables for your practice and greatly improves cash flow.
About Prime


The founders of PMB bring versatility and 20+ years of experience in the Medical Billing industry. We are passionate and determined to maximizing our clients’ cash flow in the most cost effective manner possible.  

Service Difference


  • ​Customized Electronic claims processing

  • Fee negotiations and single tertiary insurance claims

  • Prompt Payment posting; Higher reimbursement

  • Customized Weekly/Monthly reporting

  • Advance audits to ensure error-free claims transmission

Minimize Denials, Max.Collections


"P.M.B Experts specializes in providing end-to-end medical billing solutions to help healthcare providers maximize profits. With a Combined 20 years of experience in medical billing, and claim processing, we know what it takes to achieve operational excellence and so can determine what types of service you need and what is important for you to get reimbursed faster and better



The Prime Difference

We are a result driven company that takes pride in the personal attention of the revenue process. Prime doesn't just contract with our clients, we Partner with them to ensure every step of the recovery process is tediously done with accuracy.

Claims Process

Our team of verification specialists provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive benefit and eligibility information, making the admissions process easier for both you and your clients

Utilization Review

The Utilization Management team are registered clinicians who have  both the clinical & practical administrative knowlede working with insurance payers, as well as appealing for approvals.

Our Team

20+ years of experience in the Medical Billing industry. This is not just a business but a passion and our team is determined to maximizing our clients’ cash flow in the most cost effective manner possible.  


We aim to maximize your allowable reimbursement. Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claims efficiently, and aggressively follow up on unpaid or miss-adjudicated claims, appeals and much more.